Keyshops risks

Unknown source of the key

Stores:, Driffle, Eneba, G2A, G2Play, GAMIVO, HRK Game, Instant Gaming,, Kinguin, MMOGA, Play-Asia, Yuplay

The key does not come directly from the publisher.

The source of the key is unknown - it may come from a boxed version of the game or from another digital store.

Since the key doesn't come from an authorized source, you don't have a 100% guarantee that the key will work or can be activated in your region.

The game developers will not make money when you purchase your game in a keyshop; however, they probably already benefited upon the original purchase. 

Platforms like Steam, Origin, etc, as well as the game publisher, will refuse any support if you purchase your game in a keyshop.

Obligatory payment fee at checkout

Stores: Driffle, Eneba, G2Play, GAMIVO, HRK Game,, Kinguin

The price you see in store is not final.

A “payment fee” will be added on top of the price displayed in store when you reach the checkout.

The amount of the fee may depend on the payment method you choose and on your location.

Optional payment fee at checkout

Stores: Instant Gaming, MMOGA

Choosing certain payment methods will incur an additional fee at checkout.

However, this fee can be avoided by choosing a fee-free payment method. That way, you will only pay the advertised amount.

Obligatory “order fee” at checkout

Stores: Kinguin

The price you see in store is not final.

An “order fee” will be added on top of the price displayed in store when you reach the checkout.

What is an order fee in keyshops? It includes all processing fees that let them complete your transaction smoothly, additionally helping them operate and grow their platform for buyers and sellers.


Stores: Driffle, Eneba, G2A, G2Play, GAMIVO, Kinguin

Marketplaces, unlike other stores, don’t usually sell stock on their own. Instead, they operate as a hub for 3rd party sellers, similar to eBay or Amazon Marketplace.

Even though the marketplace platforms take various security measures, it’s difficult to completely prevent the distribution of illegally obtained goods from dishonest sellers. You risk buying:

  • Invalid keys,
  • Keys that won’t activate in your region,
  • Fraudulently obtained keys.

To minimize the chances of getting scammed, always check a seller’s history and customer feedback before buying.

If you purchase and activate a key that was not obtained in a legitimate way, the game may be removed from your library in the future.

There is no evidence that activating a fraudulent key can lead to a ban on the entire account. Nevertheless, you should be really careful with choosing who you buy your key from. A general rule of thumb - if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably a scam.

Best price is hidden

Stores: Eneba, G2A, G2Play, GAMIVO, Kinguin

This marketplace puts more expensive offers on top of the page, and there might be cheaper alternatives as you scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Choosing the non-promoted offer doesn’t mean you get a worse product. As long as you make sure that the seller’s reputation is good enough, you should be OK.

EU VAT added at checkout

Stores: G2Play, HRK Game, Instant Gaming, Kinguin

Upon checkout, you will be asked about your country of residence. If you select a country located in the European Union, the EU VAT will be added to the final price.

It is technically possible to select a country outside of the EU and avoid paying extra. However, you do not recommend it, and you will do so at your own risk.

Stores: G2Play, GAMIVO,

For a small fee, you will have the option to purchase protection against any faults related to your purchase (e.g. invalid or duplicate key).

If you choose to make a purchase without “customer protection”, you might not get your money back in case there is any problem with the key.

Cheap Microsoft Office/Windows keys

Stores: G2Play, GAMIVO, HRK Game, Kinguin, MMOGA, Play-Asia

Even though these keys will most likely work fine, you should avoid them at all costs.

They are volume licenses or OEM keys, not intended to be resold, according to Microsoft T&C.

Purchasing a cheap Microsoft key in a keyshop will not make you an owner of the legitimate version on Windows/Office.

Microsoft can deauthorize the license at any time.

Selling Steam gifts

Stores: G2A, G2Play, GAMIVO, HRK Game, Kinguin

This store sells Steam gifts via an automated delivery system. The bot will add you as a friend on Steam and send you a gift with the game you purchased.

Trading Steam gifts is against the T&C of Steam. Purchasing them in keyshops might put your Steam account at risk.

Some keyshops run special offers for games that are currently on sale on Steam itself. You need to make sure you activate your gift before the Steam sale ends. Otherwise, you will not receive your gift and, as a consequence, you might lose your money.